Tissue Engineering: A Halachic-Scientific Perspective

How will tissue engineering technologies impact our lives,

and what are the ramifications on Halacha and ethics that result

from the implementation of these technologies?

Opening Session: Torah and Science 2020
First Session – Cultured Meat & its Kashrut Status

Cultured Meat: The Scientific Perspective

The Technology Behind the Production of Cultured Meat and its Market Status

Dr. Itai Kela – Israel Innovations Authority

Prof. Shlomit Levenberg – The Technion

Mr. Didier Toubia – Aleph Farms

Cultured Meat: The Halachic Perspective

The Halachic Status of Cultured Meat

Rav Yaakov Ariel

Rav Asher Weiss

Rav Zvi Ryzman

Second Session – Printed Organs and Halachic Solutions

BioPrinted Organs – The Scientific Lens

BioPrinting Organs and its Current Status in 2020

Prof. Anthony Atala – Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Prof. Tal Dvir – Tel-Aviv University

Mr. Aryeh Batt – Precise-Bio

BioPrinted Organs – The Halachic Lens

What is the Halachic Status of a Living Organism Created in a Laboratory?

Rav Shabtai Rappaport – Head of Beit Midrash for Advanced Torah Studies, Bar-Ilan University

Closing Session

Experts Panel

How will groundbreaking technologies impact the way we approach Torah and Science?

Prof. Joseph Bodenheimer

Prof. Yisrael Aumann

Rav Menachem Perl

Mr. Michael Eisenberg